STORE OPEN FROM JUNE 15, 2022 to June 30, 2022 @ 8pm. 

All orders will arrive 2-3 weeks after the store closes and be available for pick up at the Octorara High School parking Lot!

Who is Mason?

One Wednesday June 1st 2022, while operating inside of a farm tractor on a rural road, a large heavy duty crane truck went to pass into oncoming traffic, striking the tractor that Mason and his co worker was operating. The result of the crash ejected Mason from the tractor, having the tractor come to rest on top of his legs. His co- worker thankfully suffered only minor injuries. After a careful extrication process, Mason was life flighted to a regional trauma center where it was ultimately decided that to save this 16yr old's life, both legs would have to be removed. A starting catcher on his baseball team, and starting football stand out star, about to enter into his Senior year of high school, Mason would not be defeated! His spirit, attitude, love, and being witness to a miracle, have ignited an entire community and region! EVERY penny of profit made from this site will go directly to Mason and his family. The outpouring of support, prayers, donations, and love have been unimaginable for this young man. He has touched hearts near and far, and his testimony will soon change lives everywhere. We Love Mason, and we are #MASONSTRONG

Q&A: What is up with that silly lookin traffic cone? That's EARL! During his Junior year of baseball Mason had found a small traffic cone in a storage shed during a game. Our team was down by a few runs in the final inning and managed to win. Earl seemed to have been our rally cone and luck charm. The next three games ended the same way, with one game having scored 6 runs on two outs to win the game. Earl was at it again! Mason brought Earl out as a rally cone for the team, now we proudly display EARL as Mason's rally cone for life!

Q&A: What is Mason's long term prognosis?  Mason will make an unbelievable recovery and has promised the nurses and doctors that he will come back to visit them, and WALK in to see them. It will take months of therapy, being fitted for prosthetics, and time to learn to use his new legs.